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Donation Requests Guidelines

The Black Hills Runners Club does its best to assist local non-profit organizations with their running and/or fitness activities and programs.

We will consider donation requests submitted on the BH Runners Club – Donation Request Form.

Our philanthropic efforts target non-profit organizations that:

  • Need financial assistance with their running program/activities or to help the disadvantaged within these programs.
  • Need financial assistance to establish a running program or activity.
  • Promote running and/or fitness in our local community.

Our funding priorities will be for running activities/events/programs that are especially for the youth and the disadvantaged.

What is considered when looking at a donation request:

  • What is the impact per dollar spent?
  • What is the amount of sweat equity or vested interest of the requestor in the cause?

Black Hills Runners Club has a limited budget for donations and, therefore, the request may not be fulfilled if the donations for the year have already been allocated.

We do not donate to political organizations or their activities and operating budgets of organizations unless they are sponsored by the Black Hills Runners Club.

If you have any questions with respect to completing the Donation Request Form, please consult with your sponsoring Black Hills Runners Club member. Once the Donation Request Form has been completed, please give the form to the sponsoring Runners Club member who shall forward the form to the President of the Black Hills Runners Club.

If you do not have a sponsoring Black Hills Runners Club member, please email your completed Donation Request Form to or mail your completed Form to BHRC, PO Box 1713, Rapid City, SD 57709.