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December 2019-Marge Marken

I was a World War II baby and my father returned from the war when I was 2.58 years old. My father arrived home one day earlier than expected, walked from the train station and picked me up in the yard. He said he was my daddy and I told him he wasn’t because my daddy was coming home the next day. It was about a year before I began to like him or would even sit by him at the kitchen table.

I grew up in the Emery-Bridgewater area on a farm and in the early years we had no electricity or running water and we had an outhouse (many times was scared of the boogeyman). We had kerosene lamps and water was carried in from the well.

Upon graduation from high school I moved to Sioux Falls, attended Nettleton College and then worked for a wholesale drug company.

In 1967, I moved to Rapid City with my 9 week old daughter Kim. I worked for the South Dakota School of Mines for 39.67 years as Budget Manager and in charge of the payrolls. For 32 of those years, I lived in Mother Hubbard’s cupboard before purchasing my home.

Kim and her husband Rich have a daughter, Alex, who is a senior in high school and they live in Phoenix, AZ. I hike South Mountain whenever I go to Phoenix.

Back in my day there was no such thing as sports for girls. Just before I retired (first time 2006), Teresa Verburg, (we were doing spinners) told me to join the Runners Club, that they were the best (nobody cared if you ran or walked or what you did for a living).

I worked one more year and then began going to Runners Club. I mostly walk and jog. It is an opportunity to meet new people, get in some miles and the reward is beer and pizza (food). On Saturday mornings go out on the trails with the Wild Bunch group, etc., the reward is great food. I strive to get out 4 or 5 times a week.

I have done 3 half marathons, the Fargo, the Leading Ladies and the Deadwood-Mickelson and several 5K and 10Ks.

When I was working I went to Spa 80 for many years at 5:30 a.m., but in the summer would bike ride every working morning @5:05 a.m. for 14 miles and then again on the weekends.

Shortly after joining the Runners Club, it was suggested that I attend a board meeting. (On my own, I probably would not have attended.) After that meeting, I received a telephone call from Lesley asking if I would consider being the treasurer. I said yes (I am not good at saying no). I have been treasurer for 10 years and have said yes to treasurer for another two years.

“The Runners Club has put on approximately 125 races (runs) in the past 10 years. I have done registrations for all except one. I missed the Hell Canyon Race in 2014 when I was out of state. The Turkey Trot is the big fundraiser and each year it gets bigger and is a great group effort.”

I stop at the Post Office and the Runners Shop now about once a week and then the bank is, at least, every other week. The first few years it was weekly before we went to online registration. The Friday after Thanksgiving is a bank stop as soon as the doors open. Every deposit is accompanied with a deposit slip so I know exactly what the bank should come up with.

When there are functions that involve money taking, I am there. This involves the Jingle Bell Run and the Runners Club Christmas party which this year, I am in charge of. I make sure the year end reporting is done in a timely manner.

For eight years I have been doing the membership duties; keeping track of member’s dues, sending renewal notification letters and thank you letters.

I volunteer at many non-sponsored BHRC races – Deadwood Mickelson, Crazy Horse, Black Hills 100, Lean Horse, etc. It is great seeing familiar faces and others picking up their packets, coming through an aid station and/or crossing the finish line.

Besides being involved with BHRC activities, I play golf, Mah Jongg, Bridge, make lefse for 9 weeks (I am a ricer, a masher and a roller but not a flipper). I am also a member of the SDM&T Hardrock Club Board and attend most all sports activities. For over 20 years, I have had coffee with a group of amazing ladies @6:30 a.m.

I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer shortly after running the Fargo half 11.5 years ago. Those were very shocking words. To make the story short, many BHRC members were there for me when I was on this journey. I have neuropathy in my feet which is a side effect.

I am honored to be part of this great organization. In closing I wish you all happy running and good health.