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March 2023-Jillian Anawaty

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. (Where you’re from, what you’re doing now…etc)

A: I was born and raised in Rapid City, have traveled some, and still love Rapid City as home. My husband and I have three fur children: a cat (whom he could do without), and our two beloved dogs (who are a joy to run with – I love watching their happy little dog butts). Career wise, I am the owner of Vibrant Life Wellbeing in Rapid City and have been self employed most of my adult life.

Q: How long have you been running and how did you get started?

A: I am NOT a lifelong runner. I got started in my early twenties when a runner friend wanted a partner for the Mickelson Tail 1/2 Marathon…3 weeks before the race. I was teaching like a million Spinning and Pilates classes at the time and so said yes. I ran a couple more halves that year, then took a break for a decade or so. The past few years I’ve been getting back into it though and really love the inclusivity and support of our local running community.

Q: Would you rather run with a group or alone?

A: I like both. I always feel like a big goober in the group runs though. Ha! I love the diversity of group runs and everyone that gets out there with their own motivation, obstacles, and successes. I like being in that momentum of positivity, strive, and progress. I also really love my solo runs where I might talk to myself, or sing, or stop for a picture to capture the magic of being the only one out when and where I am. I also love the dog runs, of course…Olive (1 y/o hound lab mix) and Riley (4 y/o adopted Golden Retriever).

Q: Do you prefer roads or trails?

A: If I am going for distance, roads for sure! My first trail run was actually just this last summer at the BHRC Rattler 5. I was happy to learn that trail running permits walking too. I did every BHRC trail race after that because it was amazing. Yes trails are challenging, but not as scary as I thought, especially with a friend. 🙂

Q: What is your favorite distance or race?

A: Half Marathon

Q: How do you stay motivated when you don’t want to run?

A: Ooof. Not sure if I do! But signing up for races certainly helps!!! I really enjoyed the BHRC Road and Trail series last year with a variety of distances that kept me going.

Q: If I didn’t run I’d ………..

A: ….probably complain more about my husband golfing all the time. 😉 But really, would probably spend more time with my non-runner friends, gardening, or hanging out with my mom.

Q: What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about running?

A: The validation of simply showing up and putting in the time. And I love the experience of being out and the things you can see/notice a jogging pace for many miles in any direction. And burning off anxious steam Also I just feel like it’s a good idea to be able to run several miles.

Q: What is your favorite running memory?

A: I don’t really have anything specific.

Q: What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned from running?

A: Trust the process. Keep showing up.

Q: What are your running goals for the future?

A: I would like to get my half marathon time back under 2 hours…but not sure if I want it that bad. I really just want to keep running and not get hurt. I would love to do some more destination races (first one will be next month). Hmmm, also stay fit enough to run at least one half marathon each year for, well, most of the rest of my life.

Q: Who inspires you most?

A: My nephew Xander, and friends Scottie, Charon, and Toni are probably my biggest running inspiration. Lots of passion and love. ❤

Q: What advice do you have for new runners?

A: It’s hard, and that’s okay. You will blow your mind.