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January 2021-Mark Warren

Hi All,  Apparently the questions people normally answer for this thing are designed for runners. So Erika told me to “just type something up.”

My wife, Lesley, and I and our three kids moved here from Alaska in 1993 to operate her family’s ranch. She joined the Runners Club in the late 90’s and I went to a few hosted fun runs but never ran much until 2004 when I tagged along with her and some friends to the Big Horns Trail Run. Some people had registered for the 30K but never showed so they talked me into doing it. And it was a blast. I loved it. Beautiful country. Great people. Even saw a woman blow her nose like a farmer for the first time. I was hooked.

For several years I was an actual runner, went to Runners Club every week, did all the local races, the 30 and 50K Big Horn races several times, and the Bridger Ridge Run, which was the hardest and most fun race I ever did. It took me a long time, and almost killed me, but I was proud to beat Bob Hayes, who was only 80 then, by at least 30 minutes.

In 2009 I helped Lesley and a couple friends start the Trail Series. Which lives on, bigger and better, thanks to a bunch of people that  picked up the reins and ran with it. Also that year I decided it’d be okay to run through a little heel pain and did the DMTM, the Big Horns 50K, and the Leadville Heavy Half in like 30 days, after which I could barely walk. Then to top it off I got drunk at our oldest daughter’s wedding and bounced around on a wood floor for several hours. That pretty much turned me from a runner to a hiker and dog walker. And a race director, and photographer.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t brag about my wife a little. She’s into rebuilding old houses now but she was a serious runner for years and has made some significant contributions to the local running community.

Lesley is a past, and the first female, president of the Runners Club, the founder and long time director of the Trail Series, she started a number of races, including Hell Canyon, and directed many more, including the Turkey Trot, which grew considerably during her tenure. She started the Trail Series page which has over 2600 followers now, and a website, that unfortunately is now defunct. In 2009 the Club had a few 5K’s on the bike path. Now there are trail and road races scattered all over the Hills. Many people have worked hard to make that happen but she is the one that got the ball rolling. Also she talked Marge into becoming Treasure way back when and look how well that turned out!

Hopefully I’ll get motivated enough to get back in shape sometime, but meanwhile I’m working on a new Haven Half, which I hope many of you will do this summer. Tom ran it, gave it his thumbs up, and saved me from having to get a Garmin link myself.

These things seem to always include giving advice so mine is to not be an idiot. Listen to your body!  But mostly if you’re thinking about running, do it.  You won’t regret it. And get involved with the Runners Club. You’ll meet all sorts of cool people and have lots of fun!