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September 2018-Clarkson Family

The Clarkson family

Trey, Brittany, Sawyer, Lennon and Maddox are a family from Belle Fourche that all enjoy running and have made it a staple in their home.

Trey and I started running about 6 years ago, when a friend of mine asked me to sign up for a local 5k and Trey decided to sign up too! Neither one of us had ran much since high school, we both ran X-country in HS, and I also ran track. Trey ended up doing fairly well in that race, and from there got inspired and has kept running ever since. I felt terrible running that race and had to walk most the way, I then made it a priority to get back in shape. Together we kept on it, and started feeling healthier, pushing each other to stick with it, and we haven’t looked back since.

Soon Sawyer our oldest son (13) at the time (8 yrs)was wanting to sign up for races with us, and I guess you can say the “trickle down effect” took place. Lennon started signing up as well when he was 8 years old and even Maddox, 6 yrs, did his first race this summer!

Sawyer has really found a love and talent in running, this past year he placed in State in both XC (14th) and track (12th) as a 7th grader! Sawyer and Lennon have both kept track of their summer mileage this summer and help push each other to keep going!

Maddox (our youngest), I’m sure growing up with his brothers, is bound to have a growing interest too, but for now being the youngest, he mainly talks about how he’s going to beat them both!  HA!  I don’t know if you’ll find a more competitive family then ours!

Running has been the best addition to our family, we all can relate to each other, we are each others biggest fans, and we all encourage one another to reach our goals. I really don’t foresee us ever giving up running– only crossing off more goals set on the bucket list!!