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December 2016 – Sirinya Jastorf

Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself. (Where you’re from, what you’re doing now, etc…)

A. I grew up in Thailand and CA. I moved around the country in my early 20’s. Met my husband in Nebraska. The Air Force moved us here about 8 years ago. We have 2 boys Mason and Jadon, 4 & 5 years old. They’re a handful.

Q. How long have you been running and how did you get started?

A. Well, according to Garmin, I started running in Oct 2013 so 3 years ago. I started a bit after Mason was born to lose baby weight. This guy, Doug, was posting group runs at Founders Park. I can’t remember how I had the courage to show up that first time. I was always afraid to try new things and it was so unlike me to go meet up with strangers. I’m glad I did, I have met some of the best people in my life.

Q. Would you rather run with a group or alone?

A. Group! I love running with other people. It’s my favorite time to socialize.

Q. Do you prefer roads or trails?

A. Do I need to answer this one?? ROADS!

Q. What is your favorite distance or race? Are you currently training for anything?

A. Half Marathon is my favorite. I’m running the Chevron Houston Half in January.

Q. What are your goals for the future?

A. 2016 was a great year for me. I trained for 2 races and did awesome at both. I’ll be graduating next summer and I’ll have some studying to do next year. So no goals, just keep on running.

Q. Do you have a pre-race ritual? What is your favorite pig out food?

A. Ha! My first year of racing, I would not leave my house without my little blue pill (Imodium). I dropped it on the ground once (at Deerfield, I think) and thought my race was over! I don’t do that anymore. Now I just need my rag, I can’t race without it! Favorite pig out food is Chinese, bacon and ice cream!

Q. Who inspires you most?

A. No one in particular but a little bit from everyone. The people in my life are all unique individuals and they all inspire me in some way.
What advice do you have for new runners? Don’t think you’re too slow to run with the group. Just show up and ask all the questions, we love talking about running!