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December 2015 – Kim Osberg

Q. Where are you from originally and what are you doing now?

A. I am from Pierre, SD where I grew up and graduated. I was on the Lady Governors track and
cross country varsity teams from the 8th grade. As a junior high girl, I was truly inspired by the older high school girls and it made me want to run even harder. I still remember those years very fondly. I would be at track practice and look up sometimes to see my on-looking dad as he stood outside the Joe Foss building where he worked. I moved to Rapid City in 1995 after I graduated from South Dakota State University. For the last eight years I have worked for the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Production at SDSM&T as the Associate Director. It’s a teaming and leadership center for undergraduate engineering projects.

Q. What do you do when you’re not running?

A. When I am not running I spend a lot of time keeping up with my 12 year old daughter,
Katherine. She is the center of my life. She is in academy soccer, volleyball and track. I love to
watch and support her athletic accomplishments. When she gets her driver’s license maybe she
can cart me around to my races. I also enjoy tinkering in my yard. I love to plant trees!

Q. How long have you been running and how did you get started? How long have you been a
BHRC member? What other activities do you enjoy?

A. I honestly tell people I started running at age 6. I would dare the boys in the neighborhood to
race me around the block. I got a few to take me up on my offer, and sometimes I was beat pretty badly, but it didn’t faze me. I soon realized in elementary P.E. that I excelled in running and I was hooked. I didn’t have a desire to really study until college so running was my ambition. I have been a BHRC member for about five years. My dad had organized some races in Pierre and I thought I might help contribute similarly. I have gotten out of triathlons in the last few years but I would have to say that they are the most fun races for me. I can put together all my favorite sports (as a kid I was also on the swim team). I think knowing that a person has a huge challenge in front of them, fighting through that and coming out the other end is truly a life-learning experience. It makes me feel mentally strong.

Q.  Would you rather run with a group or train alone? Do you listen to music, run with pets, or
commune with nature?

A. I never used to like running with others unless it was at practice with a coach. I feel when I run I
can meditate and work through anything that is on my mind. The last few years it seems I like running with others more and more. It’s such a positive way to interact. We get to unload our stress together.

Q. What is your favorite distance or race? Are you currently training for anything?

A. My favorite distance still has to be the longer runs. If I am in decent shape, a marathon is most fulfilling. There are notable marathons out there, but my favorite is still the Twin Cities, which I have raced three times. My brother’s house is mile 14 on the course, so I can always run in, use a decent bathroom and get my Advil reboot! I highly recommend this urban run, it’s pretty flat with lots of nice little lakes along the way. Right now I am just starting to get back into shape. I am looking at the Rock and Roll half or full marathon in Las Vegas in November. I am a road runner at heart. I also run with a group of gals fondly named the Blister Sisters. Shout out to Marni Krebsbach, Tanja Cutting, Karrie Worth Eilbeck, Michelle Muellenberg Pawelski, Stacey Peterson and Mandi Schmierer!! We run various distances from ultra-relay marathons to half marathons. These have all been trail races. I think our most notable was the first race, the Wild West relay that starts in Ft. Collins, Co. and finishes at Steamboat Springs, Co. It’s a six person 200 mile race where you run through the night. You get to know each other very well through these. Currently, we are looking for our next adventure; they’ll need to trust I can get back into good shape. In my book, the beauty of running is you can always pick it right back up.

Q. Do you have a pre-race ritual? Favorite pig-out food?

A. My pre-race ritual is water, two Endurolyte capsules, a banana and half a peanut butter
sandwich. If I’m running in an urban setting I also stick a twenty in my sports bra for
emergencies. I actually try not to eat too much food the night before a race. Afterwards,
chocolate milk is delightful.

Q. What piece of equipment you couldn’t run without?

A. I’d be lost without my ball cap. I’d rather run in jeans than forget my cap, keeps the sun out of
my eyes and a bit of sweat from streaming down my face.

Q. Pavement or trails?

A. We didn’t really have trails in Pierre or Brookings where I went to college so I grew up a road
runner. I still love them. I’d love to get a half marathon road race going in Rapid City sometime
for some of us weirdos.

Q. What advice do you have for new runners?

A. My advice for new runners is first, make the commitment to yourself. That can be harder than
running and my own struggle right now. Commit to find the time. Second, do not start fast. Take it easy. If you start to feel better down the line, you can bump it up, but it has to be enjoyable first.

Q. What are your goals for the future?

A. As far as my bucket list goes, I would love to do a full 112 mile Ironman. I’m never truly happy unless I have running in my life. I would be ecstatic to run the Barcelona, Spain marathon. There’s also an Italy coast to coast run that is a team relay and off the beaten path. That seems like it would be out of this world – or at least country. A girl can dream.